Every workplace values mental health.

For the past 37 years, LakeCity has worked to develop an impactful presence in the Dartmouth community. We support people with mental illness to build on their strengths, take on responsibilities and access work experience, education and employment. We provide hope, support, respect and empowerment to our community, and through this, help each person reach their full potential.

We are a puzzle comprised of many pieces. We offer employment services, computer repair, cleaning and maintenance, therapeutic woodworking and services for seniors. We also have many other projects in the works for the upcoming year. Please stay tuned for details.

Our Ventures

LakeCity Employment

Since 1986 LakeCity Employment has been supporting our clients in obtaining and maintaining employment in the community or onsite at LakeCity supporting our woodworking social enterprise. With many new micro enterprises in the works, there are more options than ever to gain the experience you need to make the jump into community employment.


LakeCity Woodworkers

Our flagship social enterprise has a lot going on. Outside the beautiful solid wood furniture on display in our showroom, we have teams working daily on the production of wine racks for distribution across the continent and survey stakes for the construction industry. Most recently we've also added firelogs and firestarters, a new line of products for folks interested in supporting us but not ready for a life time piece of furniture.  


LakeCity Reboot

Have an old computer that you aren't sure what to do with? Look no further than LakeCity Reboot. Our team at Reboot will wipe all of the information from your computer, evaluate it and decide if it is to be properly recycled or rebuilt into an affordable machine for someone on a budget.