WHAT IS LAKECITY employment?

Under the umbrella of LakeCity Works, LakeCity Employment offers free services to persons 19 years of age and older living with mental illness. Employment staff provide a client-centered, customized approach based on individual goals. Clients receive support to gain access to employment, work readiness, volunteering and education exploration. In doing so, LakeCity Employment is bridging the gap between mental health services, employment and education.

LakeCity provides Employment Interventions, which are specialized employment programs that assist Nova Scotians who require more in-depth, longer-term supports and services. Interventions, while weaving in employment and job search services, also offer a wide array of other wrap-around supports to help people move toward employment.


Services for clients include:

  • Advocacy

  • Career counseling

  • Job development

  • On-site job coaching

  • On-site skills assessments

  • Pre-employment workshops (including computer basics, job search training, practice interviews and resume/cover letter writing)

  • Referrals to complementary programs and services

  • Work experience opportunities

Services for Employers include:

  • Hiring: We match clients with potential employers based on specific skill sets, training possibilities and stakeholder needs.

  • Support: Our on-site job coaches assist clients so that they are well versed in an employer’s culture, policies, services and standards – thus curbing the use of an employer’s resources.

  • Education: We work in collaboration with employers to ensure that employees living with mental illness (and their allies) benefit from the support and educational tools needed to maintain their mental health, productivity and well-being. 

Supporting diversity and inclusion, fostering open and honest dialogue around mental health and accommodating employees to ensure maximum productivity allows employers to experience the following benefits: increased job satisfaction of workers; less absenteeism; increased productivity; less staff turnover; lower payroll costs; and increased customer loyalty.

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To know more, please email us at employment@lakecityworks.ca.


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