WHAT IS LAKECITY employment?

LakeCity Employment offers free services to persons 19 years of age and older living with mental illness.  Individuals motivated to succeed receive support to gain access to employment, work readiness, volunteering, and education exploration. We specialize in bridging the gap between mental health services, employment, and education.

LakeCity provides Employment Interventions, which are specialized employment programs that assist Nova Scotians who require more in-depth, longer-term supports and services. Interventions, while weaving in employment and/or job search services, also offer a wide array of other wrap-around supports to help people move toward employment. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff provide a client centered and customized approach based on individual goals.


Service provided include:

  • Onsite Skills Assessments

  • Career counseling

  • Job Search Assistance

  • Essential Skills Training

  • Pre-employment Skill Development

  • Work Experience Opportunities

  • Job Coaching


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