History of LakeCity Works

Launched in 1972, under the Dartmouth Activity Centre, LakeCity Works officially became a registered charity in 1982. Originally founded as a drop-in centre for clients of mental health support services, LakeCity Works has always been deeply rooted in therapeutic woodworking, community support and social innovation. At the time, clients identified work as an important means to reintegrating the community, and so, a wood shop and retail business were developed alongside woodworking activities. Our organization has seen a continuous evolution over the years, evolving from LakeCity Industries in 1982 to LakeCity Employment Services Association in 1986 and most recently, to LakeCity Works in 2018. At every turn, we have been leaders and innovators in the field of mental health – supporting individuals living with mental illness wherever they may be in their recovery process.

As a charitable organization, LakeCity Works connects people living with mental illness to counselling and coaching services in order to support their journey to employment. On average, we serve approximately 250 clients through our different programs, activities and experiential learning opportunities, such as community employment, job coaching, micro enterprise opportunities and therapeutic woodworking. Thanks to our services, we provide a safe, self-directed pathway to employment and reintegration for individuals living with mental illness – a mandate that has been with us since our inception.

Over the years, LakeCity Works has developed an impactful presence in the community, assisting thousands of individuals on their journey to living a healthier life. In helping clients achieve healthy minds and healthy lives, we are continuously committed to fostering resilient and empowered communities.