LakeCity Works Bright

We imagine a social enterprise that partners with people who live with mental illness so that they can grow in an environment of love, learning and sustainability.

Our LakeCity woodworking shop creates a lot of sawdust! The Bright Fire Starters team transforms the sawdust and woodchips from our woodworking venture into safe and efficient fire starters. By combining sawdust with paraffin wax and using basic kitchen tools, our team offers a convenient way to get fires burning quickly.

Moving forward, we aim to complement this line with products made entirely from sawdust and shredded paper from our office – eventually becoming a completely sustainable enterprise.

You can support LakeCity Bright Fire Starters by purchasing fire starters at our LakeCity Woodworkers retail facility.

Please contact us at if you are interested in purchasing wholesale Fire Starters.

Meet the bright fire starters team