Youth Staff Spotlight: River Driscoll


River Driscoll

TinyHome Build, Team Lead

Meet River, she is our Tiny Home Build Team Lead this summer. She is so excited to be supporting LakeCity Works and the Tiny Home project as a way to bring awareness to how affordable housing can have positive impacts on mental health and well-being.

River has been involved in the Tiny Home Build from the early planning stages: ordering materials, reaching out to potential sponsors and working with our team of other Youth Hires as well as our Production Manager of Innovation, Brent, to make it all happen.

Before joining LakeCity Works, River worked as a carpenter's assistant in standard residential renovation work. Her experience is in rough and finish carpentry, and natural building applications as well. In her time as a carpenter, she has built one small cabin structure and feels this project is an amazing opportunity to further her design and building skills.

River has also completed the Women In Skilled Trades (WIST) Pre-apprenticeship Program at the Centre for Skills Development in Burlington (Ontario) in 2015. River’s experience further includes a year at The Deanery Project, an environmental arts learning centre on the Eastern Shore learning about natural building, including clay plasters. Natural building is River’s passion and the Deanery is what brought her out to Nova Scotia.

LakeCity Works is thrilled to have River on board for the Tiny Home project this summer. Her drive, technical skills and innovative spirit make her a perfect addition to LakeCity!

Together, we look forward to raising awareness around affordable, accessible housing as well as building a meaningful project in support of the local mental health community. Join the conversation on social media by following the hashtags #LakeCityTinyHome and #TinyHomeLottery on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Building a Tiny Home gives you the chance to build an entire structure from beginning to end in a smaller amount of time, and it's a great opportunity to see how all aspects of a build fit together. We don't think Tiny Homes are a total solution to the housing crisis around lack of affordable housing, but we do think they are part of the discussion.

I love the values of LakeCity Works and the work that they do in the community. I really liked the idea of being part of a youth-driven project. Since the Tiny Home will be raffled off, I am excited to be a part of a build that would contribute to the organization’s capacity to do what they do.
— River Driscoll

LakeCity Administrator