Youth Staff Spotlight: Neil Kehler


Neil Kehler

TinyHome Build, Construction Assistant

Meet Neil, he is our Tiny Home Build Team Construction Assistant this summer. He is particularly excited to learn about custom framing and the ad-hoc creative problem solving that building a tiny home requires at times. Additionally, Neil has been enjoying both learning from other staff, but teaching other construction interns about construction best practices.

Neil has been involved in the Tiny Home Build from the initial build day. He uses his skills as a cabinetmaker and artistic woodworker to help the team brainstorm creative solutions during the build. Before joining LakeCity Works, Neil worked and studied as a cabinet maker, also dabbling into carpentry work. He had his very own studio in Vancouver where he made various small pieces of mill-work and built furniture.

Neil originally studied graphic design before moving into carpentry and it is no surprise he self-describes as a very hands on person. His initial passion for graphic design led him to NSCAD where he also enjoyed sculpting and photography. Neil flexes his creative muscles outside of work by regularly cooking new exciting recipes, playing guitar, and explores film photography as a hobby. He invites you to check out his work on Instagram @kneilius.

LakeCity Works is thrilled to have Neil on board for the Tiny Home project this summer. His creative approach to problem solving and optimism makes him a tremendous asset in the workshop and at LakeCity Works.

Together, we look forward to raising awareness around affordable, accessible housing as well as building a meaningful project in support of the local mental health community. Join the conversation on social media by following the hashtags #LakeCityTinyHome and #TinyHomeLottery on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Building a Tiny Home gives you the chance to build an entire structure from beginning to end in a smaller amount of time, and it's a great opportunity to see how all aspects of a build fit together. We don't think Tiny Homes are a total solution to the housing crisis around lack of affordable housing, but we do think they are part of the discussion.

Physical and strenuous work is great for my mind and body. It is important for me to be mindful of every small action I take, they all add up. Being optimistic and having a present mind allows me to have a positive impact on the lives of others.
— Neil Kehler

LakeCity Administrator